Travelling to Australia

Whether you are one of the many international travellers visiting Australia or you have friends visiting from overseas, we hope to ease your mind and make your trip a memorable one. A Travelling to Australia fact sheet has been prepared with information regarding bringing food and medicine into Australia, shopping, eating out, accommodation tips and domestic flights.

Strict laws apply to food being brought into Australia – fresh meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit are not allowed and you will be subject to heavy fines if you do not declare these items. Dry foods such as pasta, bread and snacks may be allowed if they are unopened – these still must be declared.

However, you may not need to bring too much as you will find that gluten free food is readily available in our supermarkets and in many restaurants.

We hope we have covered the basics for your time in Australia. If not, please contact Coeliac Australia or the state you are visiting. Contact details are on the Fact Sheet.

Happy travels!

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